Monday, February 2, 2009

Less Jobs, More Violence

Data released Jan. 30 by the National Domestic Violence Hotline, shows that there has been an increase in violence over the last year, which could be directly correlated to an increase in job loss.

Over the six months that the NDVH collected data (7,868 callers participated), 54% said there had been a change in their household's financial situation in the last year. Additionaly, 64% said the abuse had gotten worse in the last year.

With past research already supporting the notion that violence increases in times of economic hardship, it is not a surprise that more violence is bring reported today. This means that services like, the NDVH, and other organizations across the country are facing a higher demand for services.

Below is a news clip from an Oklahoma news station from Dec. 15, 2008 about the economy increasing abuse in OK.


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