Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Staying Safe with an Abuser

If you are in an abusive relationship, but are not ready or do not feel like it is a good idea to leave, there are some things you can do to help stay safe:

- Know things that your abuser can use as a weapon. He may use sharp or heavy objects, like a hammer or an ice pick, to hurt you.

- Know where guns, knives, and other weapons are. If you can, lock them up or make them as hard to get to as you can.

- Figure out "safe places" in your home - places where there aren't weapons. If it looks like your abuser is about to hurt you, try to get to a safe place. Stay out of the kitchen, garage, or workshop. Try to avoid rooms with tile or hardwood floors.

- If there's no way to escape violence, make yourself a small target. Dive into a corner and curl up into a ball. Protect your face and put your arms around each side of your head, wrapping your fingers together.

- If you can, always have a phone you can get to. Know the numbers to call for help. Know where the nearest pay phone is. Know your local battered women's shelter number. Don't be afraid to call the police or 911.

- Let friends and neighbors you trust know what is going on. Make a plan with them for when you need help. Have a signal, like flashing the lights on and off or hanging something out the window, to tell them you need help.

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