Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You're Much More Attractive When You're Not Textually Harrassing Me

The New York Times ran an article today about Teen Dating Abuse, its second in the last month, discussing what is being dubbed "Digital Dating Violence" -- abusive and stalking behaviors, predominately happening between teenagers, that involve social networking sites, text messages and naked pics sent via email and cell phones.

Some of the key problems with teen dating abuse is that teens often don't know what to consider "normal" behavior. Is it okay that their boyfriend sends them text messages every hour? Is it a reasonable request for someone to want naked pictures of you? These are things that the Ad Council and Thatsnotcool.com aim to correct -- helping young people understand what is okay and what is unhealthy.

Abuse behaviors like these in teenagers can be indicators of domestic violence abusers in adulthood.

Thatsnotcool.com is a new website with a new campaign. PSA's in conjunction with the website begin airing on Feb. 9.

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