Monday, June 1, 2009

Brandon Marshall, Bronco's Player

ESPN did an interview with the ex-girlfriend of Bronco's football star, Brandon Marshall, about the abuse she endured during their relationship. Besides shedding light on what it means to be in an abusive relationship, the comments section on the website shares a different story: the ignorance which still exists so strongly in our culture about domestic violence.

Here are just a few of the comments:

"This B is crazy.. she reportedly tried extorting money from him twice? and her parents want the $ just as much as the girl does!.. She stayed with him for a paycheck! And for the father to say the NFL cares for anything outside of championships, umm isnt that the football business??.. can't believe i even watched this."

"I think that both parties are at fault here. One thing that I don't understand, that after the first and especially the second incident, why they stayed together. Why would MS Watley and her parents go to the NFL about this? She should have gotten out when this first happened, as this would and has escalated. She probably stayed because of his money, this seems to be all about the money with MS Watley."

"i only have one question, if he hit her and beat her this many times, the why the F%$# is she still there with him. Not setting blame here, but i mean you leave yourself in a bad situation, bad things happen. If her parents are so concerened, then why havent they gone and got her? Why hasnt she moved away from Marshall? And one other part i found interesting is the fact that she has asked for maney, not once, but twice. Can you say golddigger."

"Absolutely poor reporting again from the OTL crew. In the attempt to paint Marshall as an abuser, they conveniently whispered the parts where she says she attacked him first, repeatedly dismissed charges or recanted her allegations. Her parents should be ashamed for trying to blame everyone but her daughter for her poor decisions. The parents and daughter appear to be on board for a meal ticket or air time and their actions do nothing but set back all the progress that has been made in helping battered women. OTL continues to prove that sensationalism has replaced journalism in today's media."

What these comments show is a lack of understanding in many capacities. First, it is NEVER the fault of the victim of abuse. Second, there are many things which make it difficult (if not nearly impossible) for someone to leave an abusive relationship. Also, as Rasheeda points out in the video, she loved him and that was one big reason she stayed. Generally abusers are not abusive 100% of the time, and can be quite lovable and charming at times. Rasheeda loved Brandon, but not his abuse.

What do you think? Watch the video here.


  1. She is clearly after the money... The court docs implicate Marshall's sister, not him, in the abuse. Did you even watch the interview with Marshall? I'm sure this woman is totally level headed though, that's why she pulled a knife on him. She's lucky not to be in jail for ADW.

  2. Women in abusive relationships always hope for the best to work out. Obviously Rasheeda tried hard to make the situation work. At least for 3 years. As far as her attorney's, don't they know if they are writing an inappropriate letter? They are the attorney, they have an obligation to represent their clients best interest. This poor girl was obviously poorly represented. She needs to sue her attorneys for misrepresentation. As far as false information, can you read police reports, I am sure not everyone of the officers called made up the fact that they saw marks and bruises on her in almost every police report. Now who's lying? As far as pulling a knife, maybe she was tired of getting beatup. If was me, I would have waited for him to go to sleep!

  3. It is quite clear from the interview that Rasheeda did love Marshall and was hoping for the best. As far as her attorney's letter, don't attorneys have an obligation to represent their clients best interest? Rasheeda did not write the letter, her attorney did, doesn't he know any better. I think she needs to sue him for misrepresentation, after all he was the attorney! As far as pulling a knife, perhaps she was tired of getting beatup by a 6'4", 240 lb. BEAST!!! If it was me, I would have waited for him to go to sleep. He has to sleep sometime.