Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Terrible Violence Against Women in Africa

Africa has been suffering for many many years now. Occasionally international and domestic news sources run stories of the violence there, but surely there are many many hundreds of acts of violence against women which go unreported. One story which recently breached our news channels, was of a 13 year old Somalian girl who was raped by three men while she traveled by foot through the dangerous country to visit her grandmother. When she and her family went to the authorities to report the abuse, they instead charged the girl with "adultery" and sentenced her to death by stoning. In a stadium full of 1,000 people she was placed in a hole, leaving only her head showing, and had rocks thrown at her until she died.

This makes me feel not only heartbroken for the girl and her family, but outraged at the inhuman acts being committed without any accountability to the international community. This news is outrageous and horrifying, but hopefully the next president of United States may find a way to work with the global community to help the people in Africa.

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