Monday, October 20, 2008

Woman Murdered When She Changed Her Facebook Status

(This Facebook Profile is not real. It is meant to be an example of what a profile looks like.)

An article by the BBC reports a man murdered his wife of 15 years after she left him and then changed her Facebook status to "Single". In a critique of the BBC article, points out that not once is the term "domestic violence" used to explain what happened. By interpreting the crime as a direct result of the woman changing her Facebook status, the serious issue of domestic violence in our world continues to be ignored or understated. Most often men do not just murder their wives and girlfriends after being faithful, loyal, supportive, loving husbands. Generally, there is a long history of emotional and physical abuse before a man commits murder.

Unfortunately, what this article does rightly point out is the danger of technology to women in domestic violence relationships. If you are in an abusive relationship or you know someone who is read about Internet Security on for tips on how to stay safe.

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