Thursday, October 16, 2008

Domestic Violence Increases with Unemployment

Womensenews reported yesterday:

"An extensive 2004 report by the National Institute of Justice found that the rate of violence against women increases as male unemployment increases. When a woman's male partner is employed, the rate of violence is 4.7 percent. It's 7.5 percent when the male experiences one period of unemployment. It's 12.3 percent when the male experiences two or more periods of unemployment.

A female victim's lack of money, meanwhile, is a common reason why she may refuse to leave an abusive partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence."

As the economy suffers, so do more women and children across the country. Its more important than ever to turn our attention towards ending domestic violence and helping women currently in abusive relationships reach safety. You can read more on about what you can do to help yourself or someone you know.


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  1. It is a fact that law enforcement officers are the most abusive people out there, and that is when they are employed. If a person is abusive then they have had that trait and used abuse way before they were ever unemployed. Does Harry Reid have experience at being abusive to his family members? How else does he know about abuse?