Friday, August 29, 2008

Book Review: Girl Bomb

"Girl Bomb", by Janice Erlbaum, is a memoir about growing up as a child living in a home with domestic violence. Well written and amazingly insightful, Erlbuam lets the reader into her world of abuse, drugs, sex and homelessness. After Erlbaum's mother takes back her abusive husband, Erlbaum grabs her back pack and walks out the door of their Brooklyn apartment. Now homeless on the streets of NYC at the age of 15, she finds her self bouncing between shelters for teen girls. Her story takes you through the life of a teenager battling a drug addiction, having promiscuous sex, watching her peers die of overdoses and all the while mourning the loss of her mother and only family to an abusive husband. "Girlbomb" sheds a new light on the effects domestic violence has on the family system, specifically children. Highly recommended.

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